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The beginning was a hobby in the field of interior design in 1989 when she decided to go to university to study architecture and decoration but my love and my passion for fashion design were motivated to turn the study of interior design to fashion and this was  through three  years to 1992 and immediately after graduation she traveled to Italy to complete the study to begin after the trip Professionalism was as follows:
After graduation I worked in Lebanon for many designers including: Blanka, Jean Sabaji, David Abi khalil...
In 1999 she moved to the UAE to work in the emirate of Abu Dhabi for a brief period not to turn than a year later and settled in Dubai until the present day under the name of Nariman for fashion design. Nariman Fashion Design
I made some Fashion shows in Lebanon and Dubai and the latest collection   of wedding dresses for 2008.
Then we launched our new collection of Couture Jallabiya by dressing the host of Harayer program at Sama Dubai the whole season, we were the first in Dubai to launch this kind of luxurious of Jallabiya.
In 2009, we launched a total of shadow and light for spring and summer of 2009 to 2010 we participated in during the fashion show (Arabia Style), which was held in Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai.
Year 2010  Nariman fashion was chosen  among the top 100 distinguished personalities in the UAE, through the evaluation of magazine Hot 100.
2011 was the launch of our new range of ready-made clothes.
We Are also preparing to launch a new catalog of haute couture collection coordinate with one of the luxurious shops for fabrics.